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Spa Retreat
Spa Retreat

It’s all over the news that Imogen Thomas has taken herself off to Champneys for a spa break to escape the attentions of the media – and who can blame her? She apparently tweeted the other day that she was having a body wrap, head massage and foot massage – I wonder whether she was talking about the fantastic aromatherapy wrap? It’s good enough to take your mind off of being hounded by the press, or errant footballers, and gives you a choice of three options - unwind and soothe, firm and tone or revive and refresh, which all come with a scalp or a foot massage to chill you out even more while you’re being enveloped in your aromatherapy oils. I reckon Imogen would have gone for unwind and soothe after the last few weeks!

I’ve always loved Champneys for the huge range of treatments they have on offer, and the fact that they aren’t afraid to be a bit different when it comes to new ideas. I also love Champneys at Tring for its amazing gardens. I have to confess that a few years ago I stayed there, and during a very posh reception for press and assorted ‘important’ spa people, I nearly disgraced myself by falling backwards into a rose bush, trying to avoid a wasp that was attempting to share my champagne. Not a good impression to make, but luckily the rosebush and my backside failed to make contact due to some quick action by my friend...the spa life, it’s so glamorous...

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