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Happy Birthday Kate!

Duchess of Cambrigdge
Happy Birthday Kate!

It’s Kate Middleton’s 31st birthday today (or as we should probably address her, The Duchess of Cambridge) and as Kate has been voted the UK’s top beauty icon of the year, for the second year running, we thought it would be good to take a look at her beauty tips and tricks.

Kate, who was awarded the prestigious accolade by Superdrug, taking 27% of the vote, is well-known for her sleek, well-groomed look (apart from when she’s got Prince William holding her hair back during a bout of morning sickness, poor thing) so it’s hardly any surprise that we all want to know how she does it.

The Kate Effect has been influencing women all over the UK, and has done wonders for sales of shell pink nail polish, dark eyeliner and conditioners that we all buy in a desperate attempt to recreate Kate’s glossy brunette mane. Some women want to go even further; apparently ‘Kate’s nose’ has been the most sought after cosmetic surgery request of 2012…

Some of the products that Kate is rumoured to use Karin Herzog and Deborah Mitchell, and looking that fabulous certainly doesn’t come cheap; her annual beauty budget is rumoured to come to an astonishing £30,000!

According to The Telegraph, Kate loves to take care of her skin with a Deborah Mitchell Bee Venom facial every two weeks at a cost of £4200. You can try Deborah Mitchell products at home for a fraction of the cost too. I’ve got a pot of the Bee Venom Facial myself - It’s lovely.

Kate keeps her locks looking lustrous with the help of a Richard Ward blow dry three times a week, plus Keratin treatments, cuts and colour, which adds up to over £12,000.

She’s also a fan of Bobbi Brown make up, and her Karin Herzog skincare (including her favourite product which is said to be the Professional Cleanser and Vita-A-Kombi day and night cream) comes to a not insignificant £800-plus per year.

With her weekly manicures and pedicures by the team at Jo Hansford, weekly professional tans, and personal training sessions, Kate certainly devotes a lot of time to keeping herself cover-girl gorgeous. Now that Baby Wales is on the way, no doubt the beauty regime has taken a back seat, but I’d recommend that she keeps herself topped up with pampering treatments – pregnancy is the perfect excuse for a bit of me-time. There are some gorgeous spa days and treatments dedicated to mums-to-be, like the Top to Toe Mother to Be Day at Champneys, Tring, where Kate would be able to make the most of the peace and quiet and enjoy a special ‘bump’ massage along with a manicure and a three course buffet meal.

I think it would make the ideal present for a mum-to-be on her birthday. Happy birthday, Kate!

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