Glam up for the Oscars!

Glam up for the Oscars!
Glam up for the Oscars!

The awards season is well under way – and are you loving the coverage as much as I am? Forget the films – we all know Anne Hathaway is going to win big for Les Mis and Adele is so going to get the award for best soundtrack with ‘Skyfall’ – what we can’t predict is the Oscar looks, hair, makeup and gowns.

The Grammys have already produced some ever-so slightly dubious fashion choices – Florence Welch in her green monstrosity – I don’t care how much I love Flo, or that the gown was designed in this year’s hot colour, emerald green, by Givenchy, it was the Grammys, not The Hobbit. I also love, love, love Adele, but sweetie, if you’re going to step out of the black and into colour, a vintage frock that looks slightly reminiscent of granny’s curtains circa 1975 might not be the best way to do it. Still, they both looked great…in their own way!

As for the Oscars, you can bet that Hollywood’s leading ladies are all booked in for their fake tan and statement nails already. If you’ve got a big event to prepare for and you want to look and feel fabulous, we have a few ideas for pre-event treatments that will make you feel a million dollars with or without a red carpet.

How about a relaxing Lava Shell treatment at Moddershall Oaks? It’s a deep tissue massage which works wonders if you’re a leading lady stressed about your performance – it works on the pressure points of your palms, arms, neck and shoulders to give you a completely blissful, relaxing treatment, easing tension lines and boosting your skin’s natural radiance.

Or perhaps a gem of a facial at Armathwaite Hall –the absolute pearl facial is a dazzling pre-event style treatment that will totally make you feel like a film star courtesy of [comfort zone]. It re-oxygenates your skin and delicately exfoliates at the same time, adding gorgeous luminosity and giving you an immediate brightening effect. Perfect for your close up…

Your Oscar-winning glamour wouldn’t be complete without a spray tan…and St Tropez are the go-to tanning experts for stars like Sienna Miller, Kelly Osbourne and Amy Poehler who all worked the fake tan beautifully at the Golden Globes earlier this year. This year it’s all about subtle, skin tone matched tans and not obvious orange. Pop in to any Dove Spa and you’ll find St Tropez experts there on hand to give you the tan of your dreams.

Who’s your favourite leading lady? And who do you think is going to win? Let me know!

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