The Beauty Spot: Amy Childs, star of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex)

22-year-old Amy Childs from Brentwood, Essex, rose to fame in 2010 after starring in the first two series of ITV2’s BAFTA Award-winning reality show The Only Way is Essex (often referred to as ‘TOWIE’ for short). Now a tabloid and paparazzi favourite, beauty therapist Amy has since launched her very own salon and two boutiques, in addition to many merchandise lines, including a beauty range, clothing collection and even her very own fragrance (self-titled). Big hair, glossy lips and ‘look at me’ false eyelashes…Amy’s influence in the UK beauty scene during the last 12 months is undeniable!

Amy Childs Interview
Amy Childs Interview

Of all the personalities emerging from TOWIE, none have touched the nation like down-to-earth Amy. In fact, the gorgeous ‘Personality of the Year’ winner (2011, National Reality TV Awards) is the most successful TOWIE cast member to date. Amy is a determined and very busy businesswoman, and so how she manages to keep herself looking constantly fabulous is a mystery (and a cause for jealousy!) among the ladies at SpaSeekers.

This week, we were lucky enough to briefly chat with Amy about her Christmas attire, the influence Essex has had on the country’s beauty trends, and some her favourite beauty products and treatments.

SpaSeekers’ interview with Amy Childs

Hello Amy, SpaSeekers hopes you had a really nice festive break! Did you wear a special outfit and/or particularly glamorous makeup on Christmas Day?

I love looking glam on Christmas Day, so I was sure to put sleep-in rollers in the night before for voluminous locks, and I also topped up my spray tan the weekend prior. I wore my onesie for a few hours in the morning, and changed into one of the smart – yet comfortable – dresses from my own collection in time for dinner. It was lovely catching up with family and some of my closest friends.

Thanks to you and a number of the other TOWIE girls, the ‘Essex makeover’ has become quite the phenomenon! But which makeup or style element would you declare as the best to have emerged from the county?

I think TOWIE has been great for showing how us Essex girls put so much more effort into our looks, no matter where we happen to be going!  Since everyone now knows about the vajazzle, I would have to choose that as the greatest movement.

And the worst? (Go on, spill, you have to name one!)

Ah, I really couldn’t say, I think that’s a matter of personal opinion! I would have once nominated white stiletto heels, but even they’re making a fashion come back now the likes of Kate Middleton and Sarah Jessica Parker have recently been papped sporting them.

Imagine makeup is made completely illegal around the globe…which one cosmetics item would you miss the most and why?

Oh my God, that is such a hard question to answer! I would be lost without my Amy Childs’ eyelashes – I designed them last year, so now few other falsies meet my style demands. But what about my lip gloss? It’s too hard to choose!

When visiting spas, do you have a favourite treatment to indulge with?

I love having massages of all varieties, and getting my nails done.

“To me, beauty is…”

…about looking after your skin – it’s definitely not simply a case of applying makeup! It is so important to cleanse, tone and moisturise, and use a good eye cream daily. I always use a primer before applying my makeup too, since this helps it to last much longer.

To me, beauty also means dramatic eyelashes – I think they’re essential for finishing off any look. My collection of false lashes features eight different styles, and so most ladies will find a pair to suit.

In your opinion, what is the biggest beauty sin women make?

Not taking makeup off before going to bed! That’s a guaranteed way to get blemishes, and look old before your time.

Amy Childs latest interview

Amy’s Clothing Collection, beauty range and official merchandise is available from You can also follow Amy on Twitter: @MissAmyChilds.

*Photos have been kindly provided by CAN Management Ltd. Amy wears dresses from her own range in each.

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