How to Choose the Best Hair Colour For You

“What colour should I dye my hair?”

This is a common question that many of us gals ask ourselves when we fancy a change of colour but we’re not sure which tone to go for!

There are few things to take into consideration when deciding which colour to dye your locks, from your skin tone to eye colour. Plus, your personality should also play a part when you select a new hair colour and with a spectrum of shades to choose from, your colour change can be as wild or as subtle as you want.

In order to help you to work out what hair colour will suit you, we have put together some handy tips so you can find the perfect shade for you. Even if you only want to change it up for one season.

What hair colour suits me? Let’s find out!


What skin tone do you have? 



A key factor to consider when choosing which colour to dye your hair is your skin tone and this is something that many of the top colour theorists insist is the most pivotal. You won’t magically know what hair colour will work for you, without doing the necessary research and considering your skin tone is essential.

In fact, it’s not about the colour that you want. It’s all about the colour that you skin needs.

The right colour for you will make your features pop, especially your eyes, and if you get the colour choice right it can make your skin look younger and feel fresher. However, if you make the wrong decision, it will have the opposite effect and it can give your skin a dull, washed-out look that will instantly add years to your appearance.

So, to answer the old ‘what colour should I dye my hair?’ question, you will need to start by looking at your skin tone.

The first thing you need to do is work out whether your skin tone is naturally warm or cool:

  • As a general rule of thumb, if your hair is naturally brown or black, then your skin tone will be warm. If you were born with light hair, your skin tone is cooler

Warm skin tone: Warm undertones in your skin will work perfectly with warm hair colours, such as:

  • Honey brown
  • Golden blonde
  • Deep red
  • Chocolate or hazel brown

Cool skin tone: Cool undertones in your skin will look great with cool hair colours, including:

  • Ash blonde
  • Auburn
  • Mousy brown
  • Black

Expert Tip: If you’re still unsure which skin tone you have, try the following tip from celebrity hair stylist Mark Garrison: “Look at a vein in your arm under natural light. If it appears green, then you have warm tones, if it is blue then you have cool-toned skin.”

Your skin tone will help you to work out which tone your new colour should be. However, to work out what overarching colour should be, you will need to study your skin tone, eye colour, personality and your age. 



What colour are your eyes? 

According to a recent survey by the hair experts at Nice’n Easy, us girls spend almost £10,000 over the course of our lifetime on hair colouring. And with 55% of women dying their hair nowadays, it’s easy to see why the hair colouring industry is booming.

Your eye colour plays a vital role when it comes to working out what colour hair will suit your face. Your hair essentially frames your face and therefore getting the colour choice right is so important. The best hair colour can enhance your eyes and make them look fresh and stand out.

This is why colourists will often choose a hair dye that will stand in stark contrast to the colour of your eyes.

For example: If you have blue eyes, then a blonde tone will look striking. You can achieve the same effect if you have green eyes and go for a dark shade. 


What type of personality do you have?

So, once you’ve thought about your skin tone and eye colour, it’s now time to think about you. The core you. Your personality. Is there a colour you have always dreamt of having? Or is there a colour you want to try but you are too scared to take the plunge?

How your hair looks is a personal decision and for many, it plays a pivotal role in how people feel about themselves.

  • Extreme tones of colours such as fiery red, ice-white blonde and jet black will suit bold characters, who are confident in their appearance
  • Unusual bright colours, like blue, orange and pink work well on people who love to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the inevitable attention that a striking hair colour will attract
  • Light and dark browns and golden blonde shades are perfect if you want to blend in and you don’t enjoy being centre of attention

Your hairstyle will also need to be taken into consideration, as a short pixie cut will lend itself well to an extreme colour, while long locks are more versatile and can work nicely with any base colour plus some highlights. 


Does my age affect which colour I should choose? 

First of all, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to hair colour and if you have a zany zest for life, your age shouldn’t affect what colour hair you go for. So, if you fancy adding a dash of purple or some blue stripes, go for it!

However, be aware that as we age, we change the way we act, even the way we feel and of course how we look. There are some hair colours that older women should try to avoid, as they will age you.

Generally, the older you get, the less important your skin tone is when you decide about your hair colour.

We recommend going for a darker shade of blonde if you want to remain blonde, because being overly blonde can wash you out leaving your skin looking dull. Bright blonde can highlight imperfections and wrinkles on the skin, so going for a softer colour will work well.

It is also a good idea to avoid extreme tones such as black, as it will look unnatural the older you get. Highlights and lowlights work well if you want to add some different shades as you age and soften your look.

On the opposite end of the scale, if you are young why not go wild and crazy and try out different colours and cuts until you find one that works for you? 

If there’s a colour that you want to try but it goes against all of the science when it comes to matching eye colour, skin tone, personality and age we urge you to simply go for it. Whatever age you are, don’t be afraid to try out some fun colours, change up your hair style and if don’t like the outcome, you can simply change it again!

Now that you know how to choose the perfect hair colour, check out what our male counterparts are doing to keep up with the grooming habits of the modern man.

Can we say something along the line: 'now that you know how to take care of your hair style, why not check how your other half can take of himself''


Have you got any tips to share when it comes to choosing the best hair colour? 


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