What’s Hot in 2013?

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What’s Hot in 2013?
The spa world is always changing to make the most of trends and developments in leisure, health and fitness. According to SpaFinder Wellness, 2013 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for spas in the UK, and I thought I’d have a look at what they’ve predicted.

Healthy Hotels

It’s likely that hotels everywhere will start seeing their spa as an integral part of the hotel, rather than an add-on. As people start to embrace spas as an essential part of their holiday downtime, the hotel spa will come into its own, and hotels will start to offer healthy menus as well as a bigger spa treatment selection.

Massages with Mindfulness

Rather than just a quick de-stressing massage that’s punctuated with nagging thoughts the mindful massage uses breathing techniques and the therapists’ hands to make your massage a totally whole-


Otherwise known as ‘getting grounded’ it’s back to nature in 2013 with walking barefoot and re-connecting with the Earth. Spas will incorporate more nature into their menu, to counteract the constant buzz of technology.


What? That’s what I thought when I read this one! Basically, it’s predicted the gene-testing and gene-specific preventative treatments will start to make a breakthrough in 2013. The most likely place for the spa to take advantage of the trend is the area of telomeres. Telomeres are the malleable part of our DNA, and according to some hopeful studies it seems that damaged telomeres can be mended by stress reduction, meditation, getting more sleep, getting fit and eating well. Perfect spa fodder, then?

Authentic Ayurveda and historical spas.

Lots of UK spas already incorporate some Ayurveda into their menu, whether it’s delicious products or Ayurvedic style massage and body work. This year expect more of the authentic treatments like Shirodhara, along with old-style Turkish and Roman baths, Russian banyas – even new spas built on ancient sites or in historic buildings.

Self-Expression through colours

2013 is likely to be all about brightening yourself up! It’s an easy way to give yourself a bit of a lift and a great way to boost morale in a grey economic era, so look out for bright hair and make-up, neon lashes, stunning nail and body art. Nails are all about textures with concrete and leather look polish being just two of the hottest looks.

Inclusive Wellness

It’s all about integration and inclusion. Of course spas in the UK are already governed by strict discrimination legislation, so they are used to accommodating disabilities, but it’s predicted that the spa industry will embrace wellness for all. Spas will start offering more pain-relieving and mobility enhancing therapies, as well as nutrition advice, and functional fitness packages for visitors with special needs.

Label Conscious Fitness

We’ve seen it with Zumba – labels are the new thing in fitness and spas will be embracing formulaic fitness with brand name workouts like From Yogalates and variations on just about any basic workout you can think of, watch out for ‘fashionable fitness’ classes…

Boys having Brotox

According to SpaFinder, medi-spas and clinics are filling up with men looking for quick fix beauty. They’re embracing injectables and speedy surgery technologies that can be carried out without much recovery time – so expect UK spas to take advantage of the trend! Male grooming is also getting hotter, so the male ‘beauty’ menus will soon be rivalling the ladies’ with waxing and threading for the boys and male-oriented cosmetic procedures.

It all sounds very exciting – let’s see what happens…

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