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The World’s Most Painful Facial?

The World’s Most Painful Facial?
The World’s Most Painful Facial?

Mention facials and if you’re like me, you think of blissful minutes spent being pampered in a spa, delicious smelling oils and gentle music playing in the background. A facial is to make you feel good, just as much as it is supposed to make you look good, right?

Well, apparently you’ll feel great when the Ulthera Facial is all over but I can’t imagine you’ll feel too great while they are  carrying it out.

It’s the latest must-have treatment and it does seem to be quite effective. Courteney Cox is rumoured to be a fan, and the US Food and drug Administration have approved it, saying that it’s the only non-invasive procedure that actually works to lift the skin on the neck, chin and brow. So what’s the downside?

It hurts. A lot.

It works by effectively shrink-wrapping' your face from inside, which tightens up sagging skin and kick-starts collagen growth at the same time. It’s clearly pretty hard core and it actually does work, without any surgery involved. In America, some women are prescribed Valium before they’re given the treatment though, which to me, doesn’t sound like the hallmark of a great facial! In fact, it’ so torturous that some therapists have refused to use it, even though it would clearly make them a lot of money, because they just can’t bear to inflict that level of pain on a fellow human being…

So, what happens in an Ulthera facial? The therapist works on your face in sections, after marking it out with a cosmetic pencil, using a special device to produce concentrated ultrasound waves. These waves heat up the muscle-like layer of tissue that sits underneath your skin, contracting and tightening it, and also stimulating production of new collagen. So far, so good, but depending on your pain threshold, you might feel the same sort of pain as a leg wax - or as the tester for the Mail Online was told, “at least it’s not quite as painful as childbirth.” Ouch. The treatment lasts for about an hour, after which you might be a bit stressed, you’ll definitely be incredibly relieved, and quite possibly also on an endorphin come-down.

If you don’t want a side order of agony with your facial, you could always enjoy a Prescription Facial as part of a deluxe pamper day which won’t hurt a bit. Hmm. I know which I’d prefer…

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