Take a Good Look

Take a Good Look
Take a Good Look

To us, a spa day should be about looking and feeling good, spoiling yourself a little, and leaving with a sense that you've done something wonderful for your wellbeing. Most spas and salons are excellent at making sure you’re well looked after, and every beauty treatment or massage, holistic therapy or fitness class is carried out by well trained professional therapists with your wellbeing in mind.

If you’re signed up to receive emails from discount websites, you've probably been offered spa days, beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery offers at vastly reduced prices and possibly been tempted to go for it? To be honest, if you’re just signing up for a cheap facial and it’s at a well-known spa, the chances are you’ll have a lovely time, but we would never recommend opting for discount cosmetic procedures, fillers or Botox without doing your research.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have recently been spilling the beans about Botox ‘making me look crazy’; and Gwyneth has the cash to be able to afford the best.

We’re very happy to see that Marie Claire Magazine has started an online petition, ‘Take a Good Look’ which aims to persuade the government to regulate the cosmetic procedures industry. They are also calling for an end to ‘hard selling’ of cosmetic surgery and treatments, a ban on the two-for-one style enticements to sign up for fillers, Botox and non-surgical treatments, and accredited training for beauty treatment like laser hair removal.

Have you had any bad experiences with Botox, fillers or other non-surgical beauty procedures? Do you think it’s a good idea that the market is regulated so that only the best UK spas and salons are allowed to carry out these procedures? I’d be interested to know what you think.

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