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Spa Nails to Die For!

Spa Nails to Die For!
Spa Nails to Die For!

You might remember me waxing a bit lyrical about my spa break at De Vere Oulton Hall in Leeds, before Christmas? Well, while I was there I tried out something I have wanted to try for ages – Shellac-style nails.

The spa at Oulton Hall is a Jessica Nails spa, so they have the Jessica ‘Geleration’ manicure and hand treatment on offer. I wasn’t actually booked in for the pampering treat at first – it was only as I was chatting to Spa Manager Debbie about my own, home-done nails, and comparing it them to her very glamorous ones, that she asked me if I fancied trying it myself.

I jumped at the chance – I’ve been reading about Geleration and the other variations on the theme for a while now and I loved the sound of mirror shine nails that last for three weeks – and don’t damage the nail underneath like some of the older-style gels and acrylics could. The thought of having pretty nails for Christmas also appealed.

The treatment was so simple. It seems back to front as the nails are done before a hand exfoliation and moisturising treatment/massage but because the colour is cured within minutes under the UV lamp and sets instantly to completely dry, it’s not a problem. My nails were tidied up; filed, cuticles trimmed and then slightly buffed, before the base coat was put on. The base coat was then cured under the lamp, then a colour added (I went for hot pink, just because it was so cute) which was also cured for two minutes, and then a final top coat seals the deal.

Once the top coat was cured, my hands were exfoliated and I had a serum massaged in as my skin is really dry in the winter. The serum smelled gorgeous and my hands were deliciously soft for the rest of the day. The colour is gorgeous and hasn’t chipped, scratched or done anything that a busy writer’s nail polish usually does within about three hours!

I love the results and I’d definitely have the treatment again. Have you tried CND Shellac, Jessica Geleration or OPI Axxiom Nails yet? Or any other brand? I’d love to know how long yours lasted and what you thought…

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