September is Skin Care Awareness Month: Skin Care Facts

September is Skin Care Awareness Month. During this period, the health and beauty industries promote proper skin care, suggesting pampering products and improved lifestyle choices which can prevent tired-looking skin and help slow the ageing process.

You may have clicked through to this blog post as a result not achieving the result you expected on our Skin Care Quiz. If you want to learn more about how you can better take care of and improve the condition of your skin, take note of the following 11 skin facts...

Drinking enough water is imperative for beautiful skin

Water purifies and feeds the body at a cellular level. In fact, 70% of all every cell is water. As a result, the skin of those who do not drink enough H2O will thin prematurely, with thin skin prone to signs of age like dark circles, fine lines, sagging and flakiness.

5-a-day keeps the bad skin away

“Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to skin health,” says Indy Rihal of the British Skin Foundation. “If your diet is healthy and well balanced, your general health will benefit and this will be reflected in your skin.” Be sure to load up your supermarket trolley with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables!

You can sleep your way to a better complexion

Pallid complexions resulting from a lack of sleep isn’t a problem faced by most youngsters. Once we reach a certain age however, our skin just can’t hide the damage anymore. Regularly going without your recommended eight hours of sleep will leave you looking as tired as you feel.

Sleeping with makeup on results in tired-looking skin

Most women have gone to bed with cosmetics on at least once in their life, but doing so causes the skin’s natural oil – sebum – to build up. Sebum release helps to keep dirt out of pores but makeup interferes with the process, causing blocked pores, spots and a tired aesthetic.

Stress is an ageing factor

The skin of stressed individuals is usually more sensitive than that of calm counterparts. More significantly, however, scowling and rubbing the eye area when anxious can reduce skin elasticity and deepen wrinkles as a result. Stress can also worsen dehydrating skin conditions such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis (important considering moisture-lacking skin ages more quickly).

Moisturising can help to reduce wrinkles by half

According to a recent study by the British Journal of Dermatology, dry skin wrinkles twice as fast as well-moisturised skin. Be sure to moisturise regularly, particularly after hot showers and baths – these can really dry out the skin and make it feel uncomfortably tight.

Alcohol and coffee consumption dehydrates skin

Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, and as such they prevent the body from holding onto water when they are consumed. These substances also constrict blood vessels, meaning less fluid can reach the epidermis. Hydration is important to keep skin from looking washed out.

You can smoke your youthful appearance away

Smoking also reduces blood flow, which – in addition to the problems mentioned above – can slow down the skin’s healing processes, causing old-before-your time lines and creases. Cells exposed to smoke have less collagen and are broken down and , which can lead to sagging. Smoking also causes the skin to appear slightly grey in colour. Quit now!

Sun worshipers age faster

It is no secret that ultra violet light exposure causes photoageing, the symptoms of which can include deepened wrinkles, leathery skin, age spots, spider veins and thin lips. Best stock up on sunscreen!

Your ageing rate is partly dependant on genetics

Our skin quality and rate of physiological aging is not only affected by factors such as diet, stress and exposure to toxic agents but also by intrinsic genetic factors . Skin specialists consider red and fair-haired individuals with blue eyes to be at greater risk of premature ageing than those with darker complexions and eye colour.


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