Rolling back the years

Rolling back the years
Rolling back the years

I saw a piece in the Daily Mail recently by Liz Jones, who is extolling the virtues of her recent facelift like a convert to a new religion. She said that she’d been advised by a leading cosmetic surgeon that beauty treatments and creams don’t work, and that he believed staying out of the sun, and avoiding smoking and alcohol are the only things that will make any difference. Apart from expensive cosmetic surgery of course. Hmmm.

I have to say that although I totally agree that staying out of the sun, and trying to be healthy, does absolute wonders for your skin from the inside, there really are things you can do on the outside too. I like to show off that a couple of years ago I had a Beau Visage facial analysis at a spa in Suffolk, and was told that I had the facial skin of a woman ten years younger (yes, I really did boast about that for a long time) – and although my explanation was good genes, lots of water, staying out of the sun and not ever smoking, I also love spa facials and face products.

I was brought up to cleanse, tone, moisturise every day. I currently use the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream as it’s absolutely gorgeous and doesn’t make my skin greasy, but it doesn’t have to be really expensive to look after your skin. I often use Olay Total effects too, and like to vary my products. I love a spa facial – Clarins is my favourite facial brand along with Elemis.

We may not be able to turn back the time, but I don’t believe we need to have surgery or even inject Botox into our faces to stay looking young. A good anti-ageing spa facial stimulates circulation, exfoliates, cleanses and leaves you looking and feeling fantastic – and that’s got to be the best anti-ageing treatment there is! What do you think? Surgery? Botox? Or just being kind to your skin?

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