Our best summer beauty tips

Now that we’re well into June, it’s time to start really enjoying the outdoors and (hopefully) the sunshine. To help you look and feel your best over the summer months, here are a few of our favourite beauty tips.

Ditch the make-up (but don’t neglect your skin)

Summer is a great time to shelve the lipstick, foundation and powder and rock the fresh-faced, natural look. Prime your skin by keeping it hydrated, cleaned and moisturised. You might even consider a revitalising facial. If you can’t bear to go completely bare, switch to lighter products, such as tinted moisturisers and lip balms. If you’d like a bit more of a glow, try a facial self-tan cream.

At any time of the year, our skin is vulnerable to sun damage, but during the summer months it is especially important to select products with a high SPF factor. You can find facial moisturisers, tinted moisturisers, BB creams and other products that offer a good level of sun protection for the face. For your body, use a high-quality sun cream or sun block and apply it liberally and frequently on exposed areas of skin.

What is SPF?

It stands for ‘sun protection factor’ and it measures the level of protection a product offers from damaging UVB rays. The number represents the approximate amount of time you can stay out in the sun without burining when using the product. For example, if you burn after being in the sun for 10 minutes, using a product with SPF 30 would extend that to 300 minutes. However, this would depend on your skin type and other factors, such as the sun’s intensity and how you apply the product, so it’s really just an estimate.

Discover the power of coconut oil

This is one summer beauty tip that you can use all year round! Coconut oil has lots of great beauty benefits for your hair and skin. It is a great moisturiser and also has sun-protecting qualities. While it won’t substitute for using a proper sun cream or sun block with a high SPF, it can complement this by offering protection for certain parts of your body, such as your scalp.

Love your lips!

It’s easy to neglect parts of our body when it comes to sun protection. One such area is our lips. However, it is important to take sun care seriously as the skin on our lips is thinner and therefore more prone to damage and premature aging. While there are plenty of great lip balm products out there than can leave your lips feeling soft and smooth, as with other skincare products, make sure the one you choose contains SPF protection. If you are going to be outside for long periods, consider a sunblock that has both UVA and UVB protection.

Get your feet summer-ready

For most of the year, our feet are hidden away but in summer, they are exposed more often. Prime your feet for summer by taking care of rough skin. Use an exfoliating scrub and then slather your feet with moisturiser just before bed and put on a pair of clean cotton socks. In the morning, your feet will be soft and beach-ready!

Also, consider treating your feet to a pampering pedicure or a more basic file and polish. These spa treatments are a great way to get your feet into great shape, so you can look forward to slipping them into stylish summer footwear or going barefoot on the beach. Once again, don’t neglect your feet when it comes to sun protection. 

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