Nailing your New Year’s resolutions

Set of three nail polishes
Nailing your New Year’s resolutions

We asked our spa insider, Sarah Cottam, what her tips were for keeping that ‘no nail biting’ rule past the end of January!

Quite apart from looking awful when bitten, nails (and hands) carry a multitude of different bacteria and germs.... so that should give you a very good reason to wave goodbye to your nail biting habit!

If you’re still struggling, why not try painting your nails a bright colour each week or have a manicure from your local salon or spa? I personally recommend gel paint manicure treatments that will help you keep mails nibble-free and look glamorous too. Once you’ve had your manicure, you won't want to mess it up, and with Valentine's Day around the corner your nails will look lovely when showing off that ring if you’re planning an engagement.

For those of you that don't know much about gel manicure - they are fantastic for giving that diamond shine look to the nails that last for weeks, unlike most polishes. The bonus about the gel polish treatments is that the gel doesn't damage your nails, unlike traditional nail extensions, its self-levelling which helps to get rid of unsightly ridges or bumps, dries within 2 minutes, strengthens your nails and allows them to grow naturally. Finally - a manicure that lasts!

There are plenty of different brands offering gel nail polish treatments, as they become more and more popular. I highly recommend Jessica Geleration and CND Shellac as I have personally had excellent results with them. Gel manicures are so popular now, so you’ll be able to find a version you like nearby, and when you do, I just know you will love the results …and before long you will have kicked that bad biting habit.

If you can’t stretch the finances to a salon or spa treatment right now, why not give yourself a pampering treatment at home for your hands and nails. There are lots of little treats you can buy from Boots or Superdrug that can help your cuticles and hydrate your nails plus lovely range of coloured polishes too. Just remember when taking your polish off with nail polish remover you need to hydrate straight after to avoid dryness.

One of my favourites at the minute is Nivea Hand and nail cream; it comes in a handy size tube which can easily be popped at your bedside table or handbag. The cream is light and absorbs nicely without leaving that greasy feeling. Best tip is to pop cream on at night before bed allowing the moisture to hydrate your hands and nails while you sleep giving your nails that little extra push to grow.

So why don't you bribe yourself into keeping that resolution by promising yourself a treatment and booking it in advance? Or even book a spa pamper day, where you get a manicure as part of your deal? Sounds like the perfect way to keep you on the straight and narrow…

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