How to choose the right spa facial

Facials remain one of the most popular spa treatments. Not only do they offer some first-class pampering, they help you to maintain great skin health and a wonderful complexion. There are lots of different types of spa facial out there, so this article aims to help you decide which is best for your skin.

What does a spa facial involve?

While there are lots of variations, the basic steps of a facial usually include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, massage and the application of a mask and serum. Where spa facials differ is in the products applied and the techniques used by the therapist. These achieve different effects on the skin, such as hydration, rejuvenation or anti-ageing.

You can find out more in our spa facial guide, which contains lots of useful information about what to expect when you book a facial, as well as some useful tips on aftercare. It also details all the different types of facial.

Which spa facial should you choose?

When you go for a facial, the therapist should take the time to evaluate your skin and choose the products they feel will be the most beneficial for your skin. Use this as an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about the treatment.

While the different types of facial can be enjoyed by a wide variety of clients, if you have particular skin issues, there are some treatments that can be especially beneficial. Likewise, there are some facials that are not suitable for certain skin types.

Problem skin

When it comes to facials and problem skin, it's more about what to avoid, such as products that can make your issues worse. In particular, anything abrasive or involving steam might trigger a flare up. Make sure the spa knows about any problems ahead of time. The types of facial that can benefit problem skin include:

Balancing facials: These can be great for blemish-prone and combination skin, as they can minimise enlarged pores and control oil production.

Soothing facials: These can be beneficial if you have irritated or flaky skin, as they control redness and incorporate products designed to sooth and calm.

Mature skin

There is a wide variety of facials that are designed to tackle issues that affect older skin. These include:

Firming facials: These treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Hydrating facials: This type of facial targets dry skin, boosting moisture levels.

Rejuvenating facials: These facials encourage the production of collagen and new skin cells.

Resurfacing (or peel) facials: These are a bit more advanced than traditional spa facials, involving such techniques as microdermabrasion and laser therapy. We have a dedicated guide to peel facials, so you can find out more about this treatment, which takes skincare to the next level.


A pregnant woman can enjoy a spa facial, but there are a few restrictions. These include chemical and laser peel treatments. A pregnancy facial is tailored to the specific skin issues that arise during this time in a woman’s life, including hormonal imbalance, sensitivity and pigmentation. You can read more in our dedicated guide to pregnancy facials.

Male skin

Men’s skin can highly benefit from a spa facial. Male skin is very different to female skin, so the treatment is tailored accordingly. A male facial can target hydration, exfoliation and anti-ageing, along with soothing massage.


Don't forget that you can always contact the spa ahead of time if you have any questions about the treatment. We are also happy to offer advice, so you get the most out of your pampering spa facial. 

If you’re ready to book your next spa facial, give our team a call today and ask about our latest deals. We also offer spa facial vouchers that can be a great gift or add-on to a spa package.


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