Manicure & pedicure: the best nail colours for the summer months

Hot nails in time for Summer
Hot nails in time for Summer

Are you suffering from ‘winter toes syndrome?’ I know I am. My poor, neglected feet have been hidden under thick socks and boots for the best part of six months and with a glimpse of sunshine promised for June, I reckon it’s about time that I had them prettied up.

I’m hopeless at painting my own nails – I’m even one of those people that struggles with painting her right hand with straight-forward nail polish (whoever invented the nail polish corrector pen is a genius) so when I hear about long-lasting manicures and pedicures, and treatments that make your nails look amazing with no fuss, I’m all ears.

Most of our spa days include a manicure or pedicure option, sometimes both. I’ve had my nails beautified in lots of spas and they always look so gorgeous – but it never lasts as long as I’d like, however expertly it’s done, because as soon as I’m home, I’m back on the laptop again, chipping it off!

Longer-lasting options for toes and fingers are appearing in more and more salons and spas now, including Gelish, Shellac and GELeration, all created by big names in nail technology like OPI and Jessica. I had the GELeration nails done in a fabulous bright fuschia pink last year and I was absolutely chuffed to bits with them, they stayed chip-free for well over a week and it was almost two weeks before they needed removing completely. I had my nails done at De Vere Oulton Hall Spa just outside of Leeds, but the treatment is easy enough to find at most spas. The nail polish is ‘cured’ under a UV lamp for two minutes or so per coat, and is touch-ready straight away.

Another option is funky nail wraps – I’ve tried to apply these myself and made a complete hash of it but if you want a professional version, a little bird tells me that Ragdale Hall Health Hydro has Minx Nails now – perfect and long-lasting they are basically like little transfers that stick to your natural nail and should also last for up to a fortnight.

So…why not treat yourself to a full set of fantastic nails?

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