Hard as Nails

Hard as Nails
Hard as Nails

I love my job, writing about spas and beauty, but writing all day and tippy-tapping away on my laptop plays havoc with my nails. I’ve not been a fan of acrylic and gel nails for a while following a bad experience in a dodgy nail bar some years ago that took a lot of repairing, but the latest developments in nail care might just tempt me to a spa day manicure once again.

The buzzword in nails is Shellac – and it’s brilliant for long lasting nails – especially if you’re heading off on a late August holiday and don’t want to have to hide your hands for week two of your trip!

Shellac is just starting to hit salons and spas in the UK, including Ragdale Hall which is offering the Shellac™ Fusion Nail Colour and getting rave reviews. The wonderful thing about Shellac is that it all sounds so easy. It goes on like a normal nail polish and is cured under a UV light so there’s no hanging around and waiting for it to dry. A Shellac manicure is quick and easy, just involves having your natural nails filed and the cuticles gently pushed back. Your chosen colour is applied, cured and a luxury hand cream added to make sure your paws feel even more perfect. The whole thing takes just 40 minutes and is well worth it for up to two weeks of glamour-puss paws.

Shellac looks fabulously glossy and shiny, and only takes a few minutes to remove. It also scores brownie points for being hypo-allergenic, formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) free.

If you have a Shellac manicure at Ragdale Hall, you can buy a removal pack at the same time, but it’s a good idea to have the nails removed professionally, at least the first time, so that you can see how it’s done and not end up damaging your nails. Book it as another treatment if you’re on a spa package at Ragdale and look out for it as it takes the rest of the spa and beauty world by storm.

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