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Happy Feet

We’re always on the lookout for hot new UK spa trends at SpaSeekers, and according to the latest experts, the area that’s creating the most interest in spas at the moment looks like being…feet!

Yes, I know, Reflexology, foot massage and pedicures are hardly new, even though there’s nothing better than a foot rub to make you feel good. I’ve had Reflexology a few times and I think it’s amazing – it’s helped me with stress, headaches and hormonal imbalances and if you get a chance to try it on your spa day, go for it.

The spa treatment experts across the pond have started to introduce more unusual, lifestyle-related options for feet - like treatments for the pain you get when you’ve been tottering about in high heels too long, or wearing them a bit too often.

Some spas in the US are offering hi-tech computer gait analysis as well as dedicated foot treatments which are carried out in special zero-gravity chairs. One spa in New York City has even introduced classes in how to wear stilettos, teaching women to walk properly in their Manolos and Jimmy Choos, and if pongy feet are more your problem, there’s a studio in California offering Botox for your feet, to stop your tootsies smelling rotten.

When it comes to spas in the UK, we’ve probably got a way to go before we catch up with the Americans on their ingenious foot-saving feet treats. But most spa days offer a manicure or pedicure as part of their treatment list, so if your feet need some TLC following a winter stuck inside sweaty Uggs, get yourself down to a spa and feel good about your feet again…

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