Five Beauty Myths

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Five Beauty Myths

There are lots of old wives’ tales and myths about beauty and spa treatments – and not all of them are useful! I thought I’d take a look at some of the most often heard beauty myths so that you know what to expect and what to ignore…

1. “Nails need to breathe”: You’ve probably heard this one before, and if you’re worried about ruining your nails you could be tempted to leave it a while in between treatments. Actually, as long as you take care of your nails, you can keep them looking gorgeous with the latest gel polish or extensions as long as often as you like. Just ask your nail technician for advice.

2. “Organic and natural products are always best”: Chemicals aren’t always the baddies they are made out to be. There are some gorgeous spa treatments formulated with natural essences – but the chemicals used in other beauty products are rigorously tested so that they are safe to use. Remember that even some natural products can cause a reaction. It’s a matter of choice.

3. “Your skin can get used to products and they don’t work so well”: Not true. Your skin can change over time, which may make some products seem as if they aren’t as effective. Ask your spa therapist for skin care product recommendations and you should be able to stick with them long term.

4. “Moisturising oily skin gives you spots”: Oily skin needs moisture too! If you find the right moisturiser for your skin type, such as an oil-free product, your skin will thank you for it. I’d also recommend having an in-spa facial skin analysis to make sure your skin type is what you think it is! I’ve had this done before and was totally chuffed to be told my skin age was ten years younger than my real age.

5. “Eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes”: Nope, not if they are done properly. Extensions should be applied one at a time to a natural lash and allowed to naturally drop off as the lash grows out. As long as the extension is the right weight and size, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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