First Time Spa Floatation

First Time Spa Floatation
First Time Spa Floatation

I’m really excited about trying a new spa treatment next week. Well, it’s not a treatment exactly; it’s more a relaxation therapy. I’m having a floatation experience in an i-sopod floatation chamber!

I’ve tried the Floatation Therapy pool at Nirvana Spa before, which is fantastic, with Dead Sea salts and minerals, calming music and sparkling lights on the ceiling. It was amazing and I’d do it again in a heartbeat (although take a tip from me...if you try the floatation therapy pool there, don’t do what I did and scratch your nose with wet hands while you’re in there. Ouch!)

One thing I’ve never tried in a UK spa before is an enclosed floatation though. I’m a little bit claustrophobic, and that’s always put me off trying it, but I can’t not try one when it’s offered to me, can I? I’ve looked into the design online and they are filled with warm water that’s infused with Epsom Salts. I had visions of being enclosed in a dark, dark place which I thought might make me a bit panicky, but apparently they have music, light shows and everything.

This sort of floatation spa therapy is supposed to be so relaxing it’s untrue, and after a week of Sophia AND my beloved being at home, lovely as it’s been to have them around, I could do with a spa day. So of course I’m off to do more spa research! I’m also hoping to fit in a spa fish pedicure – yes, I’ve been tempted into having the little nibbly fish beautify my feet. I’ll let you know how the floatation and the pedicure go...

Have you tried floatation? Where did you have it and what was it like? Did you feel a bit claustrophobic or was it just divinely relaxing?

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