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Facebook Spa Life

Apart from a brief foray into Paradise Island a few years ago, I tend to shy away from playing Facebook games, just because I get so addicted to them! So it’s probably my own fault that I’ve spent all morning playing Spa Life. For research purposes of course, you understand.

According to the experts, gaming is the way forward, even with spas just because free Facebook games prove to be incredibly addictive and a fantastic, effective way to get spa branding totally ingrained into people’s heads. Spa Life was launched back in September last year and now has over 1.1 million users – and another one since this morning. I appear to be a bit stuck though as the only way I can get anyone to operate my brand new mani-pedi station is to invite friends or buy extra credits, and people keep getting cross and walking out!

The game is Clarins branded, and of course, what a brilliant way to get brand awareness. You buy more products as you progress, which makes your clients happier and brings more people to your spa. That’s not much good for me at the moment, as I keep offering them cups of herbal tea and they still get cross and walk out. Anyone fancy coming to work in my virtual spa?

Of course, it’s all very simplistic and I think it’s going to have a very limited appeal for me. I’d love a really involved virtual spa game where you can invent new treatments, design the interior, and come up with innovative spa packages to tempt people in for treatments and pamper days, although I would never get any work done if I had a game like that to distract me. If you fancy trying to run your own spa on Facebook, though… http://www.facebook.com/SpaLifeGame

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