Ditch the red face with Elemis…

Ditch the red face with Elemis

Are you feeling the cold at the moment? Looking outside at the snow still hanging around makes me shiver without going outside, and given that I spend most of my time indoors writing about spas in the UK and don’t even have to go outside much, that’s a pretty mean feat.

There are some great antidotes to awful, cold and wind-chapped skin available from spas and online, so it’s well worth investing in some winter care before you start looking and feeling as if the weather is taking its toll. You could book an emergency spa day, which I reckon ought to be available on the NHS, and go for a comforting, winter-busting facial.

Or, if you’re blessed with sensitive skin, and I know mine tends to get a bit stroppy at this time of year, Elemis has the answer. Their Daily Redness Relief is the perfect winter skin saver, which gets rid of winter irritation, redness, and that tight, pinched feeling, and replaces it with a gorgeous rosy glow. Well, as long as you’re looking after yourself, that is.

Its magic ingredient is an Anti-Redness complex of Malt and Polysaccharides of Brown Algae that helps reduce the flushed appearance of broken capillaries. Absolutes of Honey and Rose help deal with skin that’s of a sensitive nature, by comforting winter-ravaged red, blotchy complexions and helping to tone down the redness.

If you haven’t investigated the Elemis shop yet, what are you waiting for? Your face will thank you for it – I know mine does…

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