Colours of spring


Colours of spring
Colours of spring

Are you booked in for a manicure as part of your next spa day? Or just in the mood for having a good old nose around the shops to find the nail polish that’s going to perk up your paws in time for spring? Apparently anything goes with colours this season, and the experts are predicting that along with nail art, which to be fair, you really do need help with unless you have limitless patience and a very steady hand, rainbow colours are the way to go to accessories the spring outfits. If spring actually decides to make an appearance at any point this year, that is.

Strong pastels were very much in evidence on the SS13 runways. Although ‘strong’ and ‘pastel’ seem like a bit of a contradiction, there was nothing wishy-washy about this look, which uses everything from stunning duck egg blues and sugar plum pinks to cool mint. These pastels are a statement all by themselves with no extras needed, although if the hues were a little muted, they were livened up with interesting patterns – bold diagonal lines and highlighted shades in similar colours made for an interesting variation.

Talking of duck egg blue, one trend picked up by the experts is for shades of baby blue, navy and anything in between on nails. Deep blue is a particular favourite with nail fashionistas, stylish and classic yet ever-so-slightly unusual. Watch out for emerald green too, apparently not only is it one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourites, it’s also the Pantone colour of the year. I didn’t even know there WAS a Pantone colour of the year until recently, but there you go.

Nail shapes seem to have returned to basics with clean cut ovals and almond shapes favoured over overtly shaped talons. Claws are definitely out and natural is the way forward for 2013.

If you’re a low maintenance kind of girl, you’ll be glad to hear that nude nails are also on trend. Look out for ‘foundation nude’ shades that trick the eye and elongate fingers, along with barely there pale pinks and greys which can be worn as an everyday look and then jazzed up with striking nail art for nights out and special occasions.

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