All about the boys

Handsome man receiving a back massage
All about the boys

Did you know that it’s International Men’s Day on 19th November? Around here, my other half is so spoiled that I could probably argue every day is men’s day! The aim of the event is to ‘promote gender equality,’ which is something I think we can all identify with.

Away from the serious side of gender equality and promoting positive male role models, which is the theme of the 2012 event, we know there’s already equality in the amount of time spent in the bathroom. With loads of boys-only products, treatments and spa packages, it’s hardly surprising that the boys are also catching us up with how much they spend on grooming and looking good.

A recent poll by online casino brand RoxyPalace.com showed that although women admit to spending £2,462 a year on beauty products and clothes, men weren’t far behind at all with a very respectable spend of £1,786 on average on male grooming products and clothes, just £50 or so per month less than us.

One man told the interviewers that although he wouldn’t go quite as far as putting on a face mask every night, he definitely buys more beauty products than he used to. Unlike his father (and many of our dads, I bet) who limited his grooming collection to a bar or soap and a bottle of Old Spice, he owned up to a cabinet full of products.

When they are getting married, men have also started to catch up their brides with pre-nuptial prettifying. Grooms are now spending around £300 each on pre-wedding treatments – so it’s not just about a decent shave and a trip to the barbers before their big day.

One in six grooms admits to wanting to book a fake tan to look good for the wedding photos, one in 20 will have their brows tidied up, or a manicure and pedicure and a metrosexual one in ten are up for a pre-wedding wax.

Packages like a ‘Time for the Guys’ spa day at Utopia Spa on the Isle of Wight always prove popular, so we know that the men love a bit of pampering too. Or pick and choose from a spa menu – you’ll find places like Bannatyne’s Spas serving up a smorgasbord of treats for men; waxing, manicure & pedicure, facials, eyebrow tidying, and stress-busting massage.

We’re all for equality – so we reckon that men should be encouraged to have spa days too!

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