7 Incredible Skincare Treatments Especially For Men

Men's skin is different to women's, meaning male-specific treatments are much more than just a marketing gimmick. Specialised products and techniques are needed to treat the unique composition and texture of male skin. In this article, we take a look at seven super spa treatments designed just for men and offer a mini-guide to getting the most out of your spa experience.

What makes men’s skin different?

Generally, men’s skin is thicker and has a higher collagen density. Guys also tend to have skin that is more textured, which means they are often prone to longer-lasting acne. Then, of course, there’s facial hair. Daily shaving can take its toll on skin, resulting in shaving rash, in-grown hairs, or nicks and cuts. A professional skin treatment can work wonders to rejuvenate and soothe.

Champneys Eastwell Manor treatment 

Men's spa likes

Many men visit spas not for pampering but for relaxation. This might be anything from a spell in the sauna to a sports massage. Lots of men also prefer to indulge in some active relaxation during a spa break, such as a swim, hydrotherapy, or gym/work-out session. When it comes to spa indulgence, a tailored facial can work wonders.

Men's spa dislikes

In general, men tend not to enjoy alternative, holistic therapies; instead preferring treatments that address specific problems, such as tight muscles or dry skin. Fortunately, spas understand that men have different needs to women and tailor their treatments and packages accordingly. Lots of spas now have dedicated treatment rooms and spaces for men, so all guests can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Popular men's spa treatments

Among all the treatments available at a spa, these tend to be the most popular among male clientele:


There are lots of different types of facial. As mentioned above, men’s skin differs from women’s, so a male facial will involve different products and techniques to cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrate the skin. Find out more about the best men’s facials below.

Deep-tissue massage or sports massage

Forget the light touch, these massages really mean business! In a deep tissue massage, the therapist will work deeply into the muscle layers and connective tissue. This is a form of sports massage, which were developed to treat injury and improve muscle performance. Be prepared to feel a bit sore afterwards but your muscles will thank you in the end!

Saunas and steam rooms

Saunas and steam rooms work to open the pores, relax the muscles and increase the heart rate. They provide a mini cardio workout while detoxing the body through deep sweating. If you’re new to saunas, it’s best not to stay in there longer than 10 minutes and always stay well hydrated.


Water has long been known for its healing properties and hydrotherapy harnesses its power to relax and heal the body. Many spas offer hydrotherapy pools with jets that create a massage effect to soothe those tense muscles and help with movement. You could also enjoy an invigorating swim or some ‘me’ time relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

Bedford Lodge spa treatment male back massage

What men should wear to the spa?

Most spas will provide robes, towels and slippers or flipflops, but you may prefer to take your own. You might also want to bring swimwear for the pool and exercise gear if you’re taking a fitness or yoga class. Spare swimwear is a good idea, so you have a dry pair to change into. When it comes to massages and other body treatments, you don’t have to get naked! You can wear your own underwear or those flattering paper spa pants. If you have any concerns, contact the spa ahead of time to check what’s appropriate. If you’re staying overnight at an upmarket spa/hotel, be aware there might be a dress code for the restaurant, so smart-casual will be the order of the day. Those baggy threadbare board-shorts might not be too well received in the spa, so be sure to pack your best swimming shorts or trunks!

Now that you know a bit more about the spa experience, it’s time to get started with the relaxation! We've rounded up the very best bespoke skincare offerings for men at the UK's top spas, so you can treat yourself, or that special man in your life…

1. Elemis High Performance Skin Energise for Men, 50 minutes

This hard-working facial is particularly effective on congested, aging or dehydrated skin. It works to maximise cell regeneration and unclog pores. Your therapist will use dynamic facial massage techniques to sculpt and boost circulation, as well as using steam and extraction to give a deep clean feeling. Any irritation from shaving will be calmed with soothing, nutrient-rich products, while the eye area is also treated, leaving it smooth and awake. You will also be treated to a relaxing foot and scalp massage.

Book it: Champneys Henlow Grange Health Spa, Luton

2. Gents Grand Facial, 55 minutes

A men's version of The Grand Hotel's signature Classic Facial, this personalised treatment provides powerful exfoliation for tough male skin types with a mineral-rich moor mud, which removes dull surface skin cells. Next up is a luxurious hand and facial massage, deep-cleanse and nourishing botanical finishing products to leave the skin soft and supple.

Book it: The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, East Sussex

3. Clarins Men's Skin Blitz Facial, 60 minutes

The ideal facial for fellas with the most common male skin concerns, this signature Clarins treatment balances and smooths the complexion, softening shaving bumps and clearing congestion. Any stress, tiredness or greyness is instantly lifted, with bespoke techniques tailored to each client's lifestyle and skin type. Finally, a calming chest, neck, face and scalp massage will leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.

Book it: Ragdale Hall Spa, Leicestershire

4. ESPA Age Rebel Facial, 60 minutes

Using concentrated techniques, this is a thorough facial that tackles male skin texture, ensuring any rough skin is left smooth, soft and re-energised. The treatment begins with SkinVision™ analysis to ensure products and techniques are tailored to the client, followed by a deep brush cleanse to prep the skin. A pumpkin enzyme peel will ensure all dead skin cells are swiftly removed, while a facial massage using cooling rose quartz crystals tones and sculpts the skin. A real treat with incredible before-and-after results.

Book it: Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa, Suffolk

5. De-stress Facial Treatment, 50 minutes

This facial was designed for men who don't usually take time out to decompress. This treatment includes massage techniques to remove tension from the shoulder, neck and jaw areas, as well as thorough cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin. Ideal for men of all ages, this bespoke facial is unique to Elite Hotels' Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club.

Book it: Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club, East Sussex

6. Elemis High Performance Facial for Men, 50 minutes

This is a hard-working facial that focuses on improving ageing and dehydrated skin and tired eyes. The advanced techniques maximise cell regeneration, using steam, extraction and multi-dynamic facial massage sequences to boost circulation. You will also enjoy a relaxing foot and scalp massage for the ultimate in luxury that leaves you looking and feeling reenergised.

Book it: Whittlebury Hall Hotel Spa, Northamptonshire

7. Decléor Express Energising Facial, 30 minutes

For men who want maximum results in a minimum amount of time, this treatment from Decléor is specifically put together to target shaving bumps and other everyday irritations that are common in men. This treatment includes exfoliation and a revitalising massage to leave skin feeling clear and fresh. The use of active clove oil means the treatment promotes reduced beard growth, too.

Book it: Marriott Breadsall Priory, Derbyshire

If you’re ready to find out more about our men’s spa packages, get in touch today. We look forward to helping you arrange the perfect spa day or break.

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