Spa Goddess Sarah talks spots….

Spa Goddess Sarah talks spots….
Spa Goddess Sarah talks spots….

I’ve had another interesting question sent through which I thought I’d share with you all! Now, I don’t know how you feel on the subject, but when I’m on a spa day, I want to feel like a Goddess, not so much like a mere mortal. So I’m all for being pampered, massaged and exfoliated…but if I have a spot, I’m going to deal with it in my own time.

Louise, from Middlesbrough, is off for a super-posh spa facial soon and she wondered;

“Is it OK to ask a beauty therapist in a spa to squeeze my spots during the facial?”

The answer to that is – it’s perfectly OK to ask, as they won’t always do it without you giving them the go ahead. Some spa facials do actually include a blackhead removing element to them…for example a Dermalogica facial. Casa Spa in London, along with many other UK spas, has Dermalogica facials on the menu.

Spa therapists aren’t squeamish, and so they are quite used to having to deal with spots and blackheads. It’s not likely that they’d refuse to get rid of them if you asked nicely, although the best thing is to ask right at the beginning of your facial so that you both know what’s expected.

Remember, it shouldn’t hurt! Sometimes a therapist might have to squeeze a little too hard to extricate a particularly stubborn blackhead, but don’t be afraid to ask her to be a bit more gentle if it starts to get a bit uncomfortable.

What about the DIY option? Well, the experts recommend that you use a tissue rather than your nails, go in gently and lay off using a stainless steel blackhead remover because they can cause broken capillaries. Good luck with the facial, Louise!

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