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Ask Sarah
Ask Sarah

“I really want to book myself a spa day – everyone raves about how lovely it is to go to a spa and what a relaxing time they’ve had. But I’ve never been to a spa and I haven’t got a clue what to ask for. I don’t want to sound silly – what should I do?”

Suzanne, Northumberland

Firstly – there’s no need to worry about sounding silly. Not everyone has been to a spa before, and you should never be afraid to ask questions about it. The whole point of a spa day is that you want it to be as relaxing as possible, and that means knowing exactly what to expect before you get there.

Of course, my first bit of advice would be to call and speak to the experts – like the team at SpaSeekers, because they know their stuff when it comes to all things pampering and relaxing. Have a chat with one of the girls, and they’ll be able to find you a really great ‘taster package’ if that’s what you fancy, which will give you a chance to try out a spa day at a really good price. You can explain to them exactly what you want, whether you want a beauty treatment, a relaxing massage-style treatment or something else. You might even just fancy a ‘taster evening’ – some places do have evenings where you can go along and try the facilities, and then ask people about the treatments when you’re there.

Champneys do Spa Evenings from around £40, including a three course meal, where you can explore the spa and of course ask about the treatments while you’re there. Ragdale Hall offers a Twilight Taster Evening for £69 that also includes a treatment.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that many gyms and health clubs have spas now, proper, professional ones with a long list of thigh end beauty treatments. If you live near one of those, you can get really good deals on a day that will give you the run of the spa facilities plus maybe one treatment while you’re there. This gives you a chance to try something out without feeling intimidated in one of the larger ‘destination spas’ or health farms – although if I’m honest, I have never felt intimidated in any spa I’ve been to. Just call the SpaSeekers team for advice or talk to them on the Facebook page and they can answer any questions you have….and relax!

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