Ask Spa Goddess Sarah..

Ask Spa Goddess Sarah..
Ask Spa Goddess Sarah....

Well, I’ve had my first question from a fan...and I’m so excited! I love to be able to impart my spa wisdom to fellow spa junkies so thank you, Linda from Essex.

Linda asked me:

“I’m going to a spa for the first time soon and I’m feeling a bit nervous. What do I need to take with me, and will I have to undress for treatments if I have them?”

Well, Linda, you needn’t worry. Everyone is a spa virgin once! Don’t be nervous. Any spa worth its salt scrubs will be adept at putting people at ease. It’s all about the relaxation. You’ll probably find that you don’t need to take anything except your bathing costume. Spas will usually provide you with a towel, robe and sometimes even complimentary spa slippers to wander around the wet areas in. If they don’t, you’ll usually be able to buy them but you can take flip flops if you’re more comfortable.

The undressing question – well that all depends on the type of treatment you have. Spa therapists are well trained in making people feel comfortable and won’t make you undress any more than you have to, although if you’re having a full body treatment you can expect to have to strip down to your undies and maybe take your bra off too. Some spas provide disposable underwear if they are doing a treatment that’s likely to get messy – you wouldn’t want a mud wrap all over your best knickers!

If it really bothers you, you can ask to keep your undies on, but you shouldn’t worry about it – the spa therapists really have seen bodies of all shapes and sizes and spas aren’t the preserve of teeny tiny, rich ladies of leisure.

Enjoy your spa break! Let me know how you get on, won’t you?

For a few ideas: Phinaes and Ferb: Spa Day Song....


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