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I’ve had an unusual question recently so I thought I would share it with you, as I’m sure some of you will have come across the same issues in the past. Are you thinking of having a tattoo any time soon? You might want to wait a while before booking that spa day if you’ve only recently had it done.

Lindsey from Halifax asked:

“I’m having a bit of a revamp of my image after going through a really hard time, and I’ve had a gorgeous tattoo done in the last few days. When I booked the tattoo, I also booked a spa day with my best pal, as I thought we both deserved a treat. We wanted to have some girly time, a facial and a manicure.

“I didn’t think to ask at the time but now I’m worried that my new tattoo will be ruined if I have a spa day? I could stay out of the pools but that’s a bit of a waste isn’t it? Do you know how long I would have to wait before it’s safe to go in a spa pool with a new bit of body art?”

Hmm, a tricky one as I have never had one myself. The general consensus seems to be it would be a good idea to try and rebook your spa day for a time when the tattoo has fully healed. Wait until after any scabs have come off and the wound is healed before you have any body treatments, massage or submerge it fully in water, as you risk ruining it if you get it wet too early. If you soak a new tattoo in a hot tub or pool it could cause serious damage, so I’d say that it’s best to postpone your spa treat for about three weeks just to be on the safe side.

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