How to manage a day at the spa with almond oil & nut allergies

Allergies-and-Spa treatmentsHere’s an interesting one for you!

“I’m booked in for a spa day in a few weeks’ time, and I can’t wait. It’s the first time I’ve been to a spa. The only thing that’s worrying me is that I’m allergic to nuts, and I worry that the massage oils that the therapists use are all nut based, like almond oil. Can I have a massage if I’ve got a serious allergy? I’d really love to try one but I don’t want to come out in a rash or even worse.”

Joanne, Trowbrige.

Well, Joanne, that’s a tricky one. Firstly, decent spa will ask you to fill in a form when you arrive giving them details about any medical conditions or illnesses, allergies, potential pregnancy and often your skincare routine as well.

What I would suggest is that you get in there first and contact the spa inadvance, letting them know that you are allergic to nuts but you’d like to book a massage anyway. That way they’ll be prepared well in advance for your visit and have the right oils ready for you. Some therapists recommend jasmine oil as an alternative that doesn’t have any nut ingredients in. Grapeseed oil is another option.

If the spa you’re booked into uses one of the premium ranges, there’s every chance that they have their own nut-free massage base oil too. The bottom line is that no massage therapist wants you to walk out of their treatment room feeling anything less than relaxed and happy, so they’ll be able to cater for you.

Top Tips for nut-free spas

• Champney’s spas have been praised by What Allergy for their nut allergy awareness.

• If you’re going to Ragdale Hall they are happy to cater for nut allergies, just speak to the nurse beforehand.

• Watch out for some of the Clarins products as some of the retail beauty products have been known to contain Candlenut, Cashew, Hazelnut, Horse Chestnut, Inca peanut, Macadamia, Sweet Almond and Walnut oils. If in doubt, ask.

• Dermalogica has a section on its ‘Pure Beauty’ website giving details of all the professional spa products which contain nut ingredients:

• If you’re having a Germaine de Cappuccini treatment or massage at any of the Clarice House spas in East Anglia, you can ask their experts about any of the ingredients before you book anything.

Hope this helps!

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